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Invisible magic starts here.

Hello, my name is Izra Aida Everett (you can call me Everett) and I’m starting this blog to explore young adulthood and our inner magic. A lot of people in young adulthood don’t understand how powerful they truly are or why they are here on earth. To be honest as a 22-year old I don’t get it either. Starting in this life is hard and if your life has been anything like mine it’s a wonder you’ve made it this far anyway. On here I will also be addressing some of my experiences (good/ bad and past/ present) and how I got through them with resilience.

Invisible magic is something that lives in all of us. It breathes, teaches, cries, smiles, lights a fire… grows. It is your will power; it is your power. So why be old fashioned and write about it? Because words, written words are so important powerful and can be taken by the readers’ imagination. Sometimes these words can survive for as long as the world has an interest, so I say write and be remembered.

I have been broken over and over in my life and sometimes it seems like things will keep repeating and never get better. I have gone from not having a home to prospering. I’ve gone from domestic violence victim to scholar. Life doesn’t make sense, but it is what you make it, so let it be made beautiful.

What are some of your ideas for what your magic looks like? Here are some ideas:

  • Is it that flame inside of your heart?
  • That great new idea?
  • Is it your dreams and goals?
  • Or is it just being brave and standing in you most pure energy?

Music was my ultimate goal and passion. This was where my heart was at and I ended up letting it go because my love for it began to blur my vision. I would have done anything for music, even sold out. Not all love is good love. If you love it let it go because in the end love is an attachment, a desire… sometimes these things can lead to our downfall long-term. Music took me places geographically and mentally that nothing else did, but I was not heard not seen when I asked myself “why” and “who” I was doing this craft for I could only responding to the why with “to help people.” This led me to “how is your music going to do that?”. I could only answer the “who” with “I do it for me” and that is self-serving. So, I chose to go to university and let what I love to go until it shows up again or disappears forever.

Photo of I.A. Everett by: Will Bower

School never seemed like the right choice for me, for what seems like my whole life, but I chose to do it because there was a moment in the summer of 2018 the tragedy struck in the worlds of many. A community lost a friend to a bullet. University has so far changed my life in so many incredible ways.

It’s nice to meet you and I look forward to be telling you more stories about my invisible magic.


Climate Anxiety and the Cohesion with Being a Black Woman in America

You guessed it the world is burning, and Eurocentric countries still have no respect for blackness. Have you ever found yourself losing your cool or being depressed because you know that the climate is changing, and it is partially/mostly offset by human meddling? Try being concerned for the earth and concerned with how the world will see/ treat you because of you skin color and hair texture no matter how capable you are.

Hi, my name is Izra Aida Everett (you can call me Everett) and in this blog post I will be talking about balancing concerns around two political and social issues. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have eyes and feelings. This is how I see it, and this is how I feel.

Climate Change

Planet Earth – ultra high resolution with atmosphere simulation and clouds. Clipping path included._________INSPECTOR_______Earth map developed from source data on:http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view_cat.phpcategoryID=1484

Climate change is a worldwide issue that will impact all of us and when it does, it will do what every colonizer does first and attacks the vulnerable as its first victim. Then it will work its way up till it meets its match with the people that can actually do something to stop it. Those people are the ones in first world countries. This is simply one of the biggest reasons why climate change is so controversial because it becomes a game of who will save who; where’s the power being held in this situation and what is being done with that power. Imagine a first-world person going into a third world country and telling them that their lives will be in imminent danger in the next 50 years if they don’t leave now, they’ll all die. That sounds a lot like the start of a Native or African American horror story. So, we as first worlders must be very careful with how we approach the situation with people outside of our bubble. The solution to how to carefully communicate with people “outside our bubble” is to communicate with people and researchers who aren’t white, wealthy, or male. We must be willing to embrace the feminine energy that surrounds this situation, stay in tune to how families work together, be empathetic instead or reactive, give and don’t take. Speak with someone other than the people we have been told to trust in this world. The people who have taken from everyone else. I will die loving my earth-colored skin and I will live to help people to love their earth.

(I’m going to have to get creative with it though. Lol. No pressure. )

The population is a huge part of climate change because people will always live past natural resources. I’m not fully optimistic that people in developing countries will survive the changing climate, lack of resources, lack of access to technology, and family planning. We overuse and misunderstand that we restrict a certain percentage of NPP (net primary productivity). We do this with cities, roads, 20th century architecture, and the placement of non-essential entertainment like amusement parks or zoos. The population is not uniform by any means and the growth is exponential and not sustainable, especially in a world that has warming temperatures and limited resources. Basically, it comes down to developed nations educating mass populations of undeveloped countries on so many things including family planning and sustainability. If not a lot of these populations will dwindle till there is nothing left of them. Most of the people affected will be people of color: Asian, African, and South American.
It is a challenge for me to confess that the population is half of the problem, thinking of it as the principle of supply and demand. Humans are the demanders and nature is our supply. It is clear that the demanders far outnumber the supply.
So, with this let’s reflect on being black, educated, and living/ from a first world country. Are you getting anxious yet?


Young black family embracing outdoors and smiling at camera

These are all heavy topics and I know you like no supposed to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders but when you’re in my position you low key need to, or nothing changes. As a black American woman, I am tasked with and privileged with helping people in oppressed conditions speak up. Due to my position in the world, I can understand oppression in a multifaceted way, making it easier to relate to others in similar placements. But girl, let me tell you about these microaggressions that live in my daily interactions and every industry on this burning planet of ours. Where to start?

  • Fashion- token black girl
  • Slow fashion- white girls only
  • Driving alone anywhere- police anxiety/ brutality
  • Grocery shopping in the health food store (full of non-black people) (this can cause a lot of anxiety and provoke a feeling of not being safe)
  • Being from a rural area (full of non-black people)

Okay, this is a low key super petty list but just as the emotion and feeling of love, when you feel it you can’t fully describe it. There are truly no words to express the feeling of microaggressions … or a macro one.

When I think of undeveloped counties potentially losing full populations one day, I get overwhelmed that I’ll be the only black person in a white man’s world. Thought this isn’t true, it’s scary to think the world will more than likely look very different by the end of the century when I’m old and grey. The politics will be different, maybe women will run things. Maybe there won’t be defined races or skin colors. But let me not get ahead of myself, Malcolm X said it the best: 

The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman, the most unprotected person in America is the Black woman, the most neglected person in America is the Black woman.” -Malcolm X

From the constant societal degradation of a black woman’s very existence from not only men but also other women to feeling like strength is the only thing you have to offer because breaking down is not an option. I would argue that our existence is like a plant growing through layers of concrete. You may keep cutting the plant down hoping this time maybe the plant will stop growing, but instead it keeps growing and each time taller and stronger. When the problem isn’t the plant but instead the layers of cement that cover the natural topography of the land. These layers of cement are the society we live in, built around one type of person and one way of thinking. But we are greater; always seek the light and just like a flower be beautiful in your light.


Climate and Blackness

There is no real answer as to how to alleviate the anxiety that comes with being black in a first world country and knowing that the most oppressed in our world will die first… and they look like me. I will do all I can with my studies, but I’m sorry that the planet was left in such bad conditions for you to try and thrive in. I’m sorry I can’t do more to help those in underdeveloped countries.  

I’ll let you sit with this, feel free to leave comments to further the discussion.

“Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.” -Malcolm X

“If you stick a knife in my back nine inches and pull it out six inches, there’s no progress. If you pull it all the way out that’s not progress. Progress is healing the wound that the blow made. And they haven’t even pulled the knife out much less heal the wound. They won’t even admit the knife is there.”-Malcolm X

“If not now then when, if not me then who?” -Malcolm X

[All images are stock images from google.]

[ all information, other than direct quotes, are opinion and observation based.]

Resist or Resilience

Hello, My name is Izra Aida Everett (you can call me Everett) and I’m starting this blog to explore young adulthood and our inner magic. A lot of people in young adulthood don’t understand how powerful they truly are or why they are here on earth. To be totally honest as a 22-year old I don’t really get it either. Starting out in this life is hard and if your life has been anything like mine it’s really a wonder you’ve made it this far anyway. On here I will also be addressing some of my experiences ( good/ bad and past/ present) and how I got through them with resilience.

So I’ll start with how I and probably many others in my age group see themselves; as having to be picture perfect. Though topics like mental health and body positivity are trending, people still find themselves lost and hating on who they truly are because they don’t match a standard. Circumstances, communication, professionalism, social media, actual socialization, school, work. THERE IS SO MUCH PRESSURE and to be frank things aren’t how they used to be, so sometimes parents don’t really help much; this leaves one feeling lost. I recently experienced a mental “hard-hit” only a few weeks ago. I want to say I did it to myself, but I can’t, yet maybe I did. Social media; a post I created, got me in very hot water due to how many eyes were on me. As a creative person and empath, the arts are the only outlet for me to grasp my emotions and to focus… This time, however, I publicly colored outside of the lines, everybody saw, and my inner perfectionist kicked into high gear when all the people around me genuinely thought I was less than perfect for being expressive. We all have sad moments and we all wonder what life is all about, some of us even express that artistically and sometimes that expression dances a fine line.

Hold up, I bet you are wondering how can being a creative get you in trouble; well honestly great question. I was so confused and hurt by the fact that one of my best qualities could betray me, that I beat this question into my head so hard I couldn’t speak full sentences for two weeks. Don’t feel bad for me, all I ask is that you please listen to my story. Maybe I should label these as chapters of my life? What do you think? Can you hear my voice clearly as you read this? Ahhhh, I’ve asked too many questions, sorr… Wait no, I’m not apologizing; instead thank you, if you have read this far.

Remember that part about being a perfectionist? It’s that crippling feeling a perfectionist gets when they’ve realized they may have done something wrong or stepped on someone’s toes. *head spins* *body tenses* * tears fall* * body numbs* *brain tells you to feel nothing because if you feel nothing you don’t have to think about that one minor thing you did that you can actively be learning from right now.* I mess up. There I said it, I mess up. a month ago saying that would have driven me crazy. I’m not perfect, but I’m here and because of that I am exactly as I should be. Whether that’s physically, mentally, or emotionally… I’m here and so are you; we are in this together.

I wanted to be effortless, small, seen, beautiful, strong and I wanted to manifest it the way the above photos do. But what if I was wholeheartedly me, without asking for attention or being the way someone else is. Be still, be here, and be healed.

I’d like to take a second to talk about resilience. This summer I studied abroad around the topic of environmental sustainability ( yes this is where my creativity got me in trouble) and while in Germany one of the leaders of the group did a presentation on resilience; I knew right away what the term meant to me personally, but in terms of the 3 pillars of environmental challenges the term was a bit vaguer. A friend of mine Nkosi Muse put it like this ” the capacity to recover from difficulties, trauma, or shocks.” and this is a great definition of personal resilience, but that wasn’t the point. My team was instructed to write what our definitions of resilience were and then we would share them. As I wrote mine, I knew it would be the farthest away from everyone else’s polished and scientific definitions. I wrote something along the lines of what Nkosi said and everyone else wrote something more like:

” The ability of natural systems to recover from disturbances and tolerate or adapt to a changing climate.” (Penn State)


” The capacity of social-ecological systems to absorb recurring disturbances… so as long to retain essential structures, processes, and feedbacks.” (Edgar et al. 1973)

I’m different and I used to hate it. From those quotes to having a learning disability; I’m so different and I don’t want to hide it anymore. In this moment of writing a simple definition and not having it match others to saying the word MASSATUSHETTS and being laughed at for saying it wrong. Who knows where this strangeness can take me in this life. We are all somewhat different weather that’s a learning disability or liking pineapple on your pizza. Embrace it, surrender to it; don’t sweat the small stuff!

In all honesty, I don’t know who will read this and relate to it. I don’t know who will be listing for knowledge and not drama. But in the words of Oprah Winfrey: “what I do know for sure” is that as long as I continue to try nobody can ever steal or stop my beautiful shine.


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